Theatre Club Audition Materials

General Audition SIDE:

Side Number 99 (PDF)

Role: Wonka


General Audition Song:

Song: Pure Imagination

Vocal Track (for practice):

Pure Imagination Accompaniment Track (for Audition):

Start track: Beginning End track: 49 second mark

Call Back Audition SIDEs:

Side Number 99 (PDF)

Roles: Wonka and Charlie


Side Number 36 (PDF)

Side Number 28 (PDF)                             

Roles: Veruca and Violet

Side Number 37 (PDF)

Roles: Phineous Trout and Mike


Call Back audition Songs:

Song: Candy Man 

Role: Willy Wonka

Vocal Track (for practice):

Accompaniment Track (for Audition)

Start Track: 26 second mark End track: 1:15 second mark

Song: I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

Role: Charlie

Vocal Track (for practice):

Accompaniment Track (for Audition):

Start Track: Beginning  End Track: 38 second mark.

 Song: I Want It Now!

Role: Veruca and Violet

Vocal Track (for practice):

Accompaniment Track (for Auditions):

Start Track: Beginning End Track: 45 second mark