On May 22, 2017, Protect Glen Ellyn, Inc. filed a lawsuit against the Village of Glen Ellyn and True North Energy LLC.

The case is set for status on September 18, 2017 in Courtroom 2007 at 9am before Judge Bonnie Wheaton. The case number is 17CH000780. The Complaint, brought under Illinois Compiled Statutes IL 65 ILCS 5/11-13- 15, is seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to affirm the Plaintiff’s real property and due process rights, and to enforce the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Zoning Ordinance against itself.  They believe the proposed development at 825 N. Main Street violates the Village’s Zoning Ordinance, which is intended to protect the health, safety and well-being of its residents.  

If you would like to get involved and financially support this group, please go to https://protectglenellyn.org

Prior updates...

The PTA sent a letter to the Village Trustees of Glen Ellyn regarding the proposed gas station at 825 N. Main Street (5 Corners) in April 2017.

The Forest Glen PTA called a special meeting of our members on April 21st to conduct a vote of our PTA taking a stance for or against the proposed 12 pump 24/7 gas station at 5 Corners. 

The Forest Glen PTA has voted to officially oppose the sale of the property at 825 N. Main Street (empty lot at 5 corners) to be developed as gas station and is urging the Glen Ellyn Village Trustees to reconsider the previous allowance of a special use permit to True North. The development of a gas station at this location is in direct conflict with the Illinois PTA Legislative platform sections 9a (environment), 10a (health), and 12a (safety). 

Per the Illinois PTA Legislative Platform:

9. ENVIRONMENT a. Improved legislation that will set and enforce standards and appropriate funds that are adequate to control air, water and noise pollution, and other environmental deterioration within the state. 

The gas station will cause runoff and drainage to neighborhood homes. There will be the destruction of numerous trees and building on potential wetlands.

 10. HEALTH a. Adequate legislative and/or financial support to improve the health of children and youth. 

Forest Glen Elementary will be less than 500 feet from the proposed station. Federal school-siting guidelines advise against schools being close to gas stations. Studies have found that despite the health and safety guidelines that must be followed, gas stations can still pose a significant health risk to neighbors and especially to children. There are higher levels of benzene and hexane in areas around gas stations than compared to the levels of these gasoline related pollutants caused by normal automobile traffic. There is an increased cancer risk from benzene, a chemical found in gasoline and proven to cause cancer in humans. 

12. SAFETY a. Improvement and enforcement of safety laws, and of highway and traffic laws, to protect children and youth.

While the Village redeveloped the intersection at Five-Corners within recent years to alleviate the traffic congestion, this intersection is still a dangerous intersection. The addition of the gas station at the corner will pose new challenges and dangers for our children. To our knowledge, the Village, itself, has not conducted a comprehensive traffic study and is relying on a study completed by True North that an independent reviewer has seen. 

Additional points to consider: 

  • Why has the Village's Environmental Commission not reviewed the proposal? Their mission states that "The Commission also reviews Village ordinances and contracts where they have an environmental impact, in order to suggest areas of improvement."
  • Forest Glen School has an open air system, meaning all air circulated throughout the school comes from the outside. 
  • Forest Glen School has over 600 students (including District 41's over 160 preschoolers aged 3-5) and 90 staff.
  • Was the traffic study inclusive to make a determination on how traffic would effect Forest Glen School?
  • Forest Glen School does not have a crossing guard during peak midday traffic (11am - 12:30pm) when over 160 preschoolers and approximately 100 kindergarteners are being dismissed and entering school.

Thank you for taking our concerns into consideration and we urge the Village Trustees to reconsider the property at 825 N. Main Street from being developed as a gas station


Melissa DeMarco & Sarah Tuscher

Co-Presidents, Forest Glen PTA